Kobe Tai

Performer AKA Blake, Blake Young, Brooke Young, Kobi Tai
Birthday January 15, 1972
Astrology Capricorn
Birthplace Taipei, Taiwan
Years Active 1996-2003 (Started around 24 years old)
Ethnicity Asian
Nationality/Heritage Chinese/Japanese
Hair Color Black
Measurements 32C-22-32
Height 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight 90 lbs (41 kg)
Tattoos No data
Non-Ear Piercings No data

Kobe Tai (born January 15, 1972) is a porn star of Taiwanese and Japanese heritage.


Growing up

Adult actress Kobe Tai was born in january 15, 1972 in Tai Pei, Taiwan. Born half japanese, half chinese, she was adopted by an american family in 1974 and came over to the United States, where she was given the name Caral Carter. After living in San Diego for 3 years, where her father was stationed as a Navy officer, carla and her family moved to a small town in Arkansa, where she was raised along her older sister. There, while retaining her petite oriental physiqu (which later became her defining look in the business), she grew up as an all american girl who loved to talk with people. She would state later in her interview that her childhood dream was to become someone like Connie Chung because she loved to talk. Growing up in a small town military household, Carla was raised under strict rules and regulations, which led her to be extra cautious and responsible. Kobe claimed in her later interview that such strict environment was one of the contributing factors to her retaining her virginity until age 17, which she considers to be a late boomer.

Early Career

When she reached college age, she went to the University of Arkansas. Here she majored in Communications as well as playing Piano and flute. While studying communication, she persued to become a public raltions specialist. But with a year short of graduation, Carla decided to moved to Cleveland with her then boy friend of three years, who was transferred to Cleveland as a manager of a chain restaurant. There she worked as a nanny. After working as nanny for 6 months, Carla decided to enter the world of topless dancing in hopes of making more money, and she began working at a stripclub named Tiffany's Cabaret. In later interview, She claims that this was the period that became a huge turning point in her life. With the strictness of arkansas gone, Carla began to fully explore her sexuality. During this time, she was approached by Sunset Thomas, then vivid contract girl who had come to Tiffany's to make a performance. With her suggestion, Carla signed a contract with Vivid to become an exclusive performer, becoming the first ever Asian Vivid contract girl. After signing the contract, Carla moved to hollywood to persue her new career in the adult business. In the interview, Carla Claims that leaving cleveland wasn't such a hard decision to her since she 'hated the weather there'. .


Once She moved to Hollywood, Carla took the stage name of Blake Young and began doing various nude modeling work plus movies. At the start of her career, while primarily doing lezbian scenes, she also did boy-girl scenes as well. One of her most notable work during this time is her scene with sean michaels in 'Execution buttrow', which is famous for being her very first anal scene. It wasn't until 1997, when she began appearing in more up-scale Adult features like scenes from a bar, Ancient Asian Sex Secrets, Mission Erotica, and Lotus. This is also around the time when she took up a new catchier stage name that she will go by thorugh out her porn career; Kobe Tai.

Carla, reborn as an asian porn vixen Kobe Tai, quickly made a name of her self in the industry with her Petite but toned frame as well as her astonishingly enthusiastic performances.


Kobe and Mark
During the height of her career, Kobe married her fellow adult actress Mark Davis, who she met in her birthday party. Later in an interview, Kobe claimed that meeting Mark was like love at first sight. During the time she was married to Mark Davis, she limited boy-girl scenes to only performing with her husband for the most part, despite both parties retaining sort of a swinger life style. Their marriage ended in 1999.


In 2000, after making several movies, Kobe left the industry when she became pregnant. Than in 2001, Kobe briefly returned to the industry, this time sporting an enhanced breast as well as a noticably less toned body. Her comeback flick was Jenna Loves Kobe, where she performed with industry superstar Jenna Jameson. The flick only included girl-girl scene. After Jenna Loves Kobe, Kobe vanished from the industry for good, never appearing in any adult flick since her comeback flick. .

Some unconfirmed sources have claimed that Carla has rid herself of any past connections with adult business and is now living with her husband and son........


In addition to her adult film career, Kobe has also done some notable mainstream work. One of her most notable mainstream work is her appearance in the mainstream movie Very Bad Things, where she played a stripper who gets accidentally killed at a bachelor party. For an interesting side note, Kobe was notorious for making the film crews nervous as she walked around the set nude, even when the camera wasn't rolling.

Tai also appeared in the skateboarding video 'The End'. The video was produced by Tony Hawk's skateboarding company, Birdhouse, and also featured several other porn stars in the same segment Tai was in.

Also, she has made appearances on The Man Show segment called 'household hints from a pornstar', where she demonstarted how to pack luggages before going on a business trip.

Tai also did background vocals for Marilyn Manson's song, "I Don't Like the Drugs, But the Drugs Like Me", on the album Mechanical Animals.


During her years as a porn star, Kobe Tai was especially notorious for putting a great amount of enthusiasm and energy into her scenes, which is very notable in some of her earlier work. One of such noted incidents occurred while filming 'Scenes from a bar'. Here, while lying on her back on a bar stool filming a missionary position, she became involved with the scene to the point where she spontaneously sprung up from the bar stool and wrapped her self around her co-star Peter North, surprising both the co-star and director Michael Zen. According to the article by Luke Ford, Michael Zen liked the scene so much that he decided to keep it. The scene was kept and is seen at the very end of the movie. The scene is considered one of her best scenes by many.

Despite her relatviely short career in the adult business, Kobe Tai is still rememebered as one of the most memorable pornstar to date and still retains certain level of fanbase.



Carla Carter (n. 15 de enero de 1972), más conocida por su nombre artístico Kobe Tai, es una actriz pornográfica de ascendencia taiwanesa y japonesa.


Tai nació en Taipéi, Taiwán y fue posteriormente adoptada por una familia estadounidense de Arkansas cuando tenía cinco meses de edad. Como resultado, tiene doble nacionalidad. Asistió a la Universidad de Arkansas.

Tai se casó con el actor porno Steven Scott, quien actúa bajo el nombre de Mark Davis, en 1997. La pareja se divorció en 1999, pero ella sigue usando el nombre de Carla Scott.

En 2000, dejó la industria anunciando que estaba esperando su primer bebé. Tuvo a un niño, nacido entre finales del 2000 y comienzos del 2001. Volvió a la pornografía en diciembre del 2001; su última película fue Jenna Loves Kobe (Jenna ama a Kobe) con Jenna Jameson. Desde entonces, Tai ha desaparecido de la industria y se especula que la va a dejar para siempre.

Junto con Asia Carrera, Miko Lee y la mexicana Juanita Chong (de ascendencia china) ella es considerada como una de las mejores actrices porno asiáticas de todos los tiempos.

Carrera en las películas para adultos

Entró en la industria del cine porno en 1996, bajo los nombres de Blake Young y Brooke Young antes de adoptar el nombre de Kobe Tai. Tiene contrato con Vivid Entertainment como actriz exclusiva, y fue la primera asiática con contrato directo con Vivid. Algunos de sus trabajos tempranos son Executions on Butt Row (Ejecuciones en la línea del culo, con Sean Michaels), y Vivid Raw #2 (Crudeza Vivid # 2) con Alex Sanders, su primera producción con Vivid. Es particularmente popular por sus escenas interraciales y lésbicas.

Durante sus años como actriz porno, Kobe Tai era conocida por el enorme entusiasmo y energía que le ponía a su actuación, lo que se puede ver muy bien en algunos de sus trabajos más tempranos.


Además de sus roles en películas para adultos, Tai apareció en la superproducción Very Bad Things (Cosas muy malas o malos pensamientos en Latinoamerica) interpretando a una stripper que muere accidentalmente en una fiesta de 6 amigos enmarcada en el consumo de drogas y alcohol.

Tai también apareció en el video de monopatinaje The End (El fin). El video fue producido por la compañía de monopatinaje de Tony Hawk, Birdhouse, y también aparecieron otras actrices porno en el segmento en el que apareció Tai.

Además, hizo aparición en The Man Show (El show de hombres) y The Helmetcam Show (El show de la cámara en el casco). Tai hizo también la voz secundaria para la canción de Marilyn Manson, "I Don't Like the Drugs, But the Drugs Like Me", del álbum Mechanical Animals.


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